Two Thumbs Up

Luke and I don’t watch much television. There’s only one show I have to watch each week, Gilmore Girls, and other than that we watch South Park repeats before bed. That’s the extent of our TV watching. We do, however, watch a lot of movies, thanks to Blockbuster Online. I always want to write about the movies I see, but since I watch one almost every night, I’d have to change the name of my blog to “Old Fart Who Watches Too Many Movies”. Instead, I thought I’d give you little snippets, some two-line reviews of what I’ve seen recently.

The Prize-Winner of Defiance, Ohio – Cute, but not as funny as I had hoped. I woke up this morning with jingles running through my head. Nothing beats those 50’s-style dresses.

A Scanner Darkly – Odd, but oddly engaging. I still can’t stop dissecting it in my head. The rotoscoping effect is fantastic and Robert Downey, Jr. and Woody Harrelson were great.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels – I love Jason Statham. I’ve said this before. I would love anything he’s in, no matter how bad, like Crank (see below), but this truly was an excellent movie. Bloody, violent, thick Cockney accents, dry humor, and crazy plot twists. Smart and funny.

Willow – Another movie from my teen years. I remember watching this movie over and over. The funny thing is that watching it now, I couldn’t remember any of it. It was cute, but cheesy, and strangely exactly like Lord of the Rings in some parts. An underestimated small person must take the thing that will save the world on a long, dangerous journey. He’s joined by a band of strange characters, visits a white, glowy fairy-witch…. must I go on?

Nacho Libre – The longest 92-minute movie I’ve ever seen. Too much Jack Black for me. But I like the way he says ‘stretchy pants’.

Clerks II – Remember how I felt about Clerks I? I take it all back. I really loved Clerks II. It was funny and sweet and in color. Even the scene with the donkey was funny. Watch the DVD extras, there are some scenes with Dante and Randal that are funnier than the scenes that actually made into the movie.

CrankAhh, yes, more Jason Statham. Truly a horrible film, but worth it to see all Jason, all the time. You even get to see his tiny hiney in a hospital johnny!

Little Miss Sunshine – I want to hug this movie. It must be movies with ‘sunshine’ in the title because I felt this way about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was just sweet and funny and I loved the crazy family and the broken-down VW Bus. One thing that bugged me though was Olive. I kept thinking hat she has to be related to Laura San Giacomo. Seriously. See for yourself:
Art School Confidential – Loved it. But I went to Art School and I work for an art school. I watched this one without Luke because I didn’t think he’d enjoy it as much. Funny and true.

Cellular – Yes, I put it on my list because Jason Statham is in it, but he plays an awful bad guy and that’s just not right. It was corny but entertaining. Kim Bassinger was annoying, I was hoping she’d get shot through the whole thing.

Lucky Number Sleven – Interesting. Bloody and violent, but what movies aren’t these days? Clever and funny and there’s something about Josh Hartnett that makes me want to see more of his movies.

And that’s it for this week. OK, maybe not, but I truly see about four movies a week. Sad? Perhaps. What’s on for tonight? Well it’s Tuesday, so Gilmore Girls is on. Tomorrow we’ll watch The Illusionist. More reviews to come.


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