Rings on Her Fingers…

And wool socks covering her toes. MAN is it cold today. But look at these pretty things I got in the mail last night:
They’re from my new, favorite Etsy shop called Color Fiesta. I would tell you to go there now and buy up all of her rings becasue they’re amazing, but I just checked and the shop is closed until the end of January because she’s expecting a baby. So wait until next month and then go shop.

These are gorgeous, handmade, glass rings and believe me, they’re even more beautiful in person. I tried to capture how they sparkle in the light but I just wasn’t doing them justice.The grey and pink one on the left has a silver/black sort of shimmer and the green one has threads of sparkly gold in it – they’re just so pretty. And the best part – they’re all about $7.99. Seriously. Less than $10 with shipping and you can have yourself a beautiful, wearable piece of art! Mark your calendar and go check out Color Fiesta next month. I certainly will again!


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