Happy Blogiversary!

Crap. I blew it. Artsy Fartsy‘s one year anniversary was last week and I forgot. One whole year of blogging. Ya-hoo!

I’ve been busy lately but I don’t really have anything finished to show you. I’ve been trying out some new ideas and playing with new paints. I started a few little acrylic paintings on clayboard. Here’s what I have so far:I love patterns. This is just the first step of the idea I have in my head. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the finished version soon.

I’ve been trying out a lot of new things lately and they’ve all been tanking. I tried to make a felt flower pin a friend had described to me. I worked for days on it and it looked awful. The same friend described a pair of wire and bead earrings she saw and I tried to make those – nope. Those came out lousy, too. I tried to knit Luke a hat and got ahead of myself, tapering it in before I had made it big enough. It’s a lovely, wool, hand-knit beanie.

I did manage to make some cute yo-yos like these which I turned into a little decoration to sit my Yankee Candle jar on top of. I have to finish sewing buttons on it and then I can show it off.

Well happy blogiversary-and-a-week to me and thank you all for reading!



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