Links of Inspiration

It’s been too crazy for me these past couple of days. I can just barely manage to string words into sentences, but they’re boring sentences that have no charm. Rather than giving you more of those bland sentences, I thought I’d send you elsewhere!

I want to recommend these two websites to you so you can go and look and be inspired. I love to visit these sites to see what these two ladies are doing and enjoy their beautiful pictures and excellent storytelling and then get jealous becusue their things are all so beautiful!

Hello my Name is Heather shows off Heather’s sewing skills which make me want to cry. She’s so good. Her photos are amazing and I love the way she writes. A nice place to spend some time.

In My (Sometimes) Humble Opinion
is an inspirational place to poke around if you’re in the need of a creative boost. Cori writes so subtly and beautifully and I love that the titles of her posts sound like that names of poems or the titles of songs. She makes the most beautiful papercrafts and her photos are pretty amazing, too. She also opened an Etsy shop recently so she’s a fellow Etsian, too!

So there you are. Go take a peek. Even if you’re not a crafty-type person. They’re great places to go and give your eyes a rest.

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