Damn Tired

I realized that I never explained my earlier mention of my “day of outrage and frustration” and, being nice readers of this blog, I know that you would be disappointed if I didn’t complain just a little each week. Rather than give you the story in long, pathetic detail, I thought I’d sum up the highlights, a la those credit card commercials.

Four tires at Sam’s Club, two pieces of pizza and two sodas at the Sam’s Club cafeteria, two coffees at Borders, and three hours of waiting only to come back to Sam’s and find that they refused to put tires on my car because I’m missing one stud on one tire, then waiting in line at the customer service desk, trying (unsucessfully) not to cry, in order to get my check back for the tires I wouldn’t be getting that day: $482.81

Four tires at Town Fair, three beers at Pepe’s, and two hours of wandering around Hall’s Archery and Pet Supplies Plus only to come back to TFT and find that they refused to put tires on my car because, strangely since I left Sam’s Club, I now have two studs on my front tire that are chewed up so badly that TFT won’t put tires on, fearing they might snap the studs off: $532.16

Five new studs, fourteen new lug nuts, a trip to ACME and two Auto Zone locations, two trips to my dad’s to borrow tools, a day of taking my car apart and putting it back together: $72.14

Having new tires and not having to worry about them again for (hopefully) another five years: priceless



  1. Sorry, it occurred to me that I forgot that part after I had posted. Please see the new addition to the first part of the saga.


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