Has it really been a week?

Wow, it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted? I’m slacking. Let’s all get caught up. When last I left you, Christmas was coming and I was fighting a cold. Well, I lost the battle on Friday and have been sick for a week now. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. I have the week off and I’ve spent it feeling gross and nappy and not getting anything fun accomplished. But on a good note, Christmas came on Monday and so did this:

Woo-hoo! I do feel a little bad taking a picture of my new camera with my old camera, but oh well.

Luke makes me nervous every Christmas by not putting ANY presents under the tree until Christmas morning when he sneaks a present or two under there while I’m not looking. I wake up excited to give him his presents and kind of pissed at the thought that maybe he didn’t get me any presents. Well, sneaky Pete had slipped this baby under the tree when I was in the kitchen making coffee and he wrapped it in bubble wrap before he wrapped it in paper so I thought he bought me a blanket. Great. A blanket. Instead I unwrapped the box for my beautiful new camera and when I gasped with surprise, he snapped a picture of me with it (he had the camera hidden in his pocket – I told you he was sneaky). All the gasping and surprise caused a horrible coughing fit, but I survived and took a very fine picture of Molly, where she sat all morning, in the wrapping paper:

The camera has so many awesome settings, which is the reason I most wanted it, that and the fact that it’s PINK, and the best setting is the night one which enabled me to take this shot of our tree:

Pretty. Christmas morning Luke and I hung out and opened presents. Luke got all things motorcycle-related including the heated grips he’s been talking about forever. The we headed to my mom’s house to exchange gifts and have dinner. My mom and my brother-in-law were sick, too, so were we a fun trio of coughing and squeaky voices. Cameron and Alex enjoyed their gifts. Here is Alex in his chair (which I finally finished painting on Christmas Eve):

Cameron got a fun V-Smile TV game from Auntie Lisa and Uncle Luke and had present fever and was delirious with unwrapping and me, me, me! How can you not be when you’re four? My sister gave me a Halloween present – she’s a little behind – a beautiful hand-made Halloween table runner. I love it! Luke and I got some great clothes from my parents and Luke scored a set of the coolest stainless steel martini glasses from my sister. It was a great day!

As I said, I had the week off, so Tuesday was our annual food, friends, and family celebration – Girls’ Day In. We started a girls’ night out a bunch of years ago by going out to dinner the day after Christmas with me, my mom, my sister, my sister’s best friend since birth, Jesse, and her mom, Vicki. Eventually we decided to gather earlier in the day, and then we decided to stay in and have brunch rather than going out, so it became Girls’ Day In. We’re like one big family and since Jesse moved to Massachusetts, we don’t see her as often so we make sure to get together on this day to catch up and eat too much. This year we also decided to go see Charlotte’s Web with Cameron, so that was fun. It’s great to go to the movies with a four year old and remember that movies are incredible miracles. Cameron liked everything but the spider, poor Charlotte, and I thought it was a great movie. They added fart jokes (thanks to the cows) and a little love story with Fern and a boy from school, but otherwise it stayed fairly true to the story and was just beautiful to look at.

Since then I’ve been coughing and feeling sleepy and running errands. Luke’s been home with me because he hasn’t felt well either, so today is the first day I have the house to myself. It’s kind of nice! I love Luke, really I do, and want to spend all of my time with him, but I expected to have this week alone to get stuff done and to blog, at least, and it’s just not the same with Luke home. He’s always hanging around and asking what I’m doing on the computer, or when I’ll be done on the computer. Thankfully though, he was with me yesterday for my day of outrage and frustration, (that’s going to have to be another post all together), but today alone. I’m planning to lounge, to catch up on my blog-reading, and to go paint pottery with my friend Paula this afternoon. It should be a good day.

This weekend, I’m sure I’ll run more errands, have day of outrage and frustration parts three and four, and then a quiet New Year’s with Luke’s cousin and family. So if I don’t get back to the computer before then, happy New Year everyone. Have a safe and happy one!



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