How Did I Get Myself Here?

Today is December 19. That means that there are six days until Christmas. Six days in which I have to work (well I only have to work four of those days), and also I have to:

  • finish up shopping for a few last minute gifts
  • make cinnamon buns for Christmas Eve breakfast
  • make a plan, shop for, and cook Christmas Eve dinner
  • bake an apple pie for Christmas
  • bake a coffee cake for Girls’ Day In, our annual day after Christmas celebration
  • assemble a gift that came in twenty-seven thousand pieces (no wonder Santa hires all those elves)
  • finish knitting (I think the knitting is going to have to be an after-Christmas gift)
  • paint the rocking chair I’m planning to give to my nephew (see the above picture – that’s how far I’ve gotten – ug)
  • try to finish the jewelry gift experiment I started (which makes me want to poke my eyes out with a soldering iron) so I can have the two gifts I was planning to give all finished
  • sew the binding onto a blanket
  • bake cookies as thank-you gifts for Luke’s helper and pre-loader (nonsense UPS talk)
  • and I’m sure there’s more!

I always give handmade gifts of some sort. To me, making gifts usually isn’t stressful. This year I’m actually giving fewer handmade gifts than ever, it just seems that this year’s gifts are harder to make. They’re all taking so long and that is precious time I do not have! My friend Paula made it even harder by making me promise to only give her things that I have made. I can’t buy her anything from a store. That sounded good back in July, but now – holy crap! Paula, I hope you like cookies becasue that might be all I get around to finishing for you! 🙂

Christmas will be here soon and it will be wonderful. This is only momentary panic and stress I’m feeling and I know that it is nothing compared to the stress your friendly UPS delivery guy is going through right now. If you see one out on the street, give him a hug and thank him for your packages.

Six more days – eeek!


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