Chocolate Overload

This is a small aside, because you know how your computer can remember the things you type and suggest them to you as you go? Like in the name field of a form, I type an “L” and a drop-down box will suggest “Lisa” so I don’t have to type the whole thing. Well just now, as I started to type “Chocolate” in the title field, this was suggested to me: “chocolate AND pot”. Who has been using my computer? I especially like the all caps “AND” which, I assume, is from a boolean search, but I like to think it was just the excitement. Chocolate AND pot? No way!

OK, anyhow, what I was going to talk about is chocolate and the vast quantities I have consumed in the past week. It’s disgusting how much chocolate I’ve eaten recently. I just can’t help it. Holiday baking, holiday parties, holiday gifts of M&Ms which cannot remain uneaten in my presence, it’s a horrible law of nature.

Last night we had a family holiday party at my house and, of course, there was plenty of chocolate. I consumed a better part of it and by midnight had one killer tummy ache. I haven’t done that since I was like ten years old. I couldn’t fall back to sleep and lay awake in bed thinking that in the morning, if I survived, I would pledge to go all day without chocolate. I survived and I pledged and I want chocolate. I brought raisins and pears to work and thought I’d eat those when I wanted chocolate. Well, it’s just not working.

I think I’m addicted. I should go to a support group. Hello, my name is Lisa, and it’s been eighteen hours since my last piece of chocolate. Wait, does hot chocolate count?


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