The Road to Recovery

Here we are at the vet. Molly’s least favorite place on the face of the earth. Despite the fact that there are lots of dogs to sniff and treats coming from every direction and people who want to love her and snuggle with her – this is also the place where they give shots and that place, three years ago, where she had to stay overnight and they stole her womanhood. Or something to that effect. Either way, she really hates the vet.

It’s the only place where she actually recognizes the parking lot and will hit the deck as soon as we pull in. She hides on the floor of the passenger side of the car and refuses to come out. Once I pry her out of the car like a big meanie, she starts to shake uncontrollably and pant. She does this the entire time we’re in the building, unless I let her hide inside my coat, and only then does she relax.

So my poor poopsie had to go to the vet to see about that bladder infection thing. It was all relatively painless, except for that part where they decided to just give her her vaccines today rather than wait a week and a half when her appointment was originally scheduled. Three small shots and a big kiss from the vet. Luckily she blamed him for her discomfort and not me. She refused to take the treat he gave her and dropped it on the examination table as if to say, are you kidding? You think I’d trust YOU?

He did mention some interesting things to me about Miss Molly. For instance, she’s a mutt, or “one of a kind” as I like to say, and I thought she was maybe cocker spaniel, poodle and terrier. He believes that she has schnauzer in her, based on some skin things she has going on. Interesting. Cockashanauzapoo? She also licks her feet a lot and I worried she had a food allergy but he said that it was more than likely a seasonal allergy to mold and pollen. Interesting again. Maybe I’ll share my Allegra with her.

While we were waiting for the vet to come into the exam room and I was petting Molly’s scruffy butt where it was sticking out of my coat, it occurred to me that she hadn’t been groomed in a while. She usually goes every six weeks and let’s see… last time was about… six weeks ago. CRAP! I checked my calendar and there were no appointments written down. When we left the vet it was 4:30. I called the groomer to see if she had an appointment, which she did at 5:00. Phew! We just made it. So Molly had a stellar day – the vet, shots, AND a bath and a haircut. At least she got it all over with in one day. Now she’s all pretty and clean and soon she’ll be feeling better.


One Comment

  1. MOLLY! I love Molly pictures and stories. 🙂 I am also impressed that she gets her hair cut more often than I do! Does she like the groomers?

    Growing up we had a cocker spaniel that hated the groomer but LOVED the vet. She’d give them vet her paw and give him kisses.


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