However you spell that frustrated growling noise you make when something goes wrong – yeah, that’s what we’ll call this post

Just when I think I want to get another dog, Molly decides to show me that I can barely afford the one I have.

Last year at this time, she split open the pad on her foot on ice. (ICE! can you imagine we had ice at this time last year?) She needed stitches and bandages and office visits. The ordeal caused me incredible anxiety, made me so distracted that I managed to lose my debit card, and cost me a whole lot of money just before Christmas.

This year she’s showing symptoms of a bladder infection. A week and a half before she’s scheduled to have her annual physical exam, I have to take her in for another office visit so she can have this taken care of. I feel terrible that she might have an infection and might not be feeling well, but an office visit, an exam, a urinalysis, antibiotics, all the extra peanut butter I have to buy to get her to take her antibiotics… ug. I’m not done Christmas shopping! Maybe that tire money I can’t seem to give away is going to go to fix my pup. I think one dog is enough.



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