Santa Baby, Just Slip Some Radials Under the Tree

Honestly. How hard do you think it would be to buy tires less than two weeks before Christmas? Who the heck is spending much-needed present money on one of the crappiest ways to blow a ton of money other than gambling or dental work? Apparently everyone and their grandmother is.

Three times now I’ve tried to go get tires and three times now I’ve been turned away. A three to four hour wait before they will even LOOK at my car is simply too long for me to wait this time of year. This Santa’s little helper has places to go and gifts to buy. I can’t spend all day sitting in a waiting room, getting high on the overwhelming scent of rubber.

I had put off getting tires until now because, as you know from my incessant whining about my car, I wasn’t sure that spending $500 on tires would be a wise investment, seeing as how everything else north of the tires could explode at any moment. After my miraculous emissions test, though, I now have renewed faith in my car and decided I could finally get tires.

Or so I thought. You see, tires are expensive! Nauseatingly expensive. And I found a good deal at Sam’s Club. So that’s the only place I want to go. Unfortunately, every other Sam’s Club member in the general Manchester, CT area feels the same way. And they all seem to get to Sam’s before me. I just can’t go somewhere else and spend an extra $100 on the same tires. That’s $100 that could be going toward Christmas presents!

So Santa, if you’re reading, I’ve been a mostly good girl. A set of four BF Goodrich 225/75R16s would be awesome! Thanks so much.


One Comment

  1. I still cry inside when I think of the brand-new tires that were on my BMW when it got totalled. (Tires were bought the day after Thanksgiving, car was wrecked two weeks later) They’re important and all but … do they have to cost so much??? Plus I’m paranoid that if I skimp, God himself will put me in a situation where I hit a slick patch and plow into a tree. 😦

    I think most people do the whole tire thing now cause of all of the travelling coming up.


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