OK, I take it all back. That stuff a I said about “come on snow” – strike that. The 60-degree weather in December? It can come back.

Yesterday I didn’t post because I didn’t regain the feeling in my fingers until late in the evening. I spent four hours of the morning out in the freezing cold and intermittent snow just where you’d want to be: hugging a massive steel gate. I was volunteered to help another employee apply reflective vinyl to the new, massive gates that were installed on campus. It was 30 degrees and windy but it had to be done. We couldn’t wear gloves because the vinyl stuck to them, and at times when it was snowing and our frozen skin became wet from the melting flakes, I worried we might get stuck to the cold metal like Flick in The Christmas Story. My knuckles were bleeding and didn’t realize it, my fingers swelled so badly when I came back inside that it hurt where my wedding ring was cutting off the circulation to my finger. It was great.

I found out that I had been volunteered to help in this project when I was on my way from my car to my office that morning. It had been the kind of morning where it took me over an hour to get to work, it was snowing so hard at home that I couldn’t see the road, my car, which badly needs tires, skidded all over the road, and there was so much traffic for no good reason that I nearly ran out of gas on the highway. I finally made it to the parking lot at work, pried myself out of the car and was walking stiffly to my office when a co-worker stopped to tell me the good news. I had a conversation with him, then walked away and thought – did I remember to do my hair this morning?

Ya, it was that kind of a day.



  1. I think I sprouted some red, painful “hand dots” just reading that story. Now I need to go and get more hot tea. Ahhhh, New England, you gotta love it.


  2. Ouchie! I will make sure to admire the gates the next time I go by.

    But, um … how did this become the duty of the art school? Were you putting it up in abstract patterns?


  3. That sounds a little out of the scope of your job. That’s awful. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to ordering holiday baskets on behalf of my office. Oh, wait…


  4. It’s OK Lisa. After tomorrow (which is going to be freeeezing) it’s going to warm up again. But hey, there’s no such thing as global warming, right? It’s totally normal for me to not have worn my winter coat once and it’s almost mid-December, right? In New England?


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