Since I can’t think of anything interesting to write about today, preparing for the big shopping night has wiped me out, I decided to take one of the suggestions from a blog inspiration website (which I can’t find again and can’t remember the name of) and the question was:

What age would you like to be?

I would have to say eight years old. It was 1984. I was in the third grade, learning cursive, finally enjoying school a little. I got my first pair of skis and went to Florida for the first time. I took my first drawing lessons with Mrs. Sobol. I didn’t care about mortgages or car payments or the electric company planning to raise my bill 34%. I didn’t care about my hair or weight or looks in general since it would be another six years before I met Luke. I had four grandparents, no one I knew had died, I hadn’t faced tragedy, and living in a small small town, I don’t think I even faced any mean kids yet. There was no cable, no MTV, no reality TV. I had no reason to lust after a new MacBook, seeing as how there were no home computers. I had no concept of war, I had never heard of Al Queda, and I didn’t know who George Bush was. I had never had my heart broken or my trust betrayed. It was a good time.

Of course, at eight I also had never fallen in love or felt the joy of home ownership. I had never ridden my motorcycle down a sunny country road and never felt the warmth of my puppy-dog sleeping next to me. I had never held my newborn nephews and made them smile and I had never felt the pride of receiving a college diploma. And I had never blogged.

OK, I take it back. Thirty is my answer. I would like to be thirty years old.



  1. There is no one particular age I want to be. Sure, things may have been easier/more fun when I was a little kid, but I also remember how much I just wanted to be an adult back then. Also, if I was a little kid, then I wouldn’t have faced/survived some of the bad stuff that has happened in my life already. Wouldn’t want to go through that again. See, you can count on me for that “glass half empty” outlook!


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