I injured myself knitting last night. I’m not sure whether I should be proud or embarassed. Is it akin to a war wound, or more like a bed sore? I have a nasty blister on my thumb. I’ve been knitting with chenille yarn which is kind of sticky, like suede, and it gets hot as it slides through my fingers. I noticed that my thumb hurt while I was knitting and when I put my work down for the night I looked a my thumb and there was a blister. I think I’m embarassed. Who hurts themselves knitting? All I know is this better not throw off my Chrismas present production schedule. I’m already running short on days – tomorrow is December 1st!



  1. Lisa, I once sewed my finger to my quilt. Literally sewed right through my skin and attached myself to the quilt (without even knowing!! – I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t put the quilt down). Handcrafting is dangerous. Don’t even want to tell you what I did with the rotary cutter one day!


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