I’m Back

Well, after two weeks of sleepless stress, a twelve-hour work day on Friday, a punctured finger, a funeral on Saturday morning and an overnight babysitting gig watcing my 4- and 1-year old nephews, I’m back.

I took the day off to sleep in and not do a damn thing for anyone but me. Ironically, I would have had the day off anyhow because the University where I work had no power. I guess I’ll just save that vacation day for later.

I spent the morning cleaning the house (that was for me, so it still fell within my day off rules), I listed a couple of new things on Etsy, (by the way, have you been there recently? The new site is BEAUTIFUL! I love it). And I spent the early afternoon designing a postcard to announce the holiday shopping extravaganza we’re hosting at my house on December 8th with sparkly Lisa Gaumond goodies and beautiful SimplyJune things. Here’s how it looks: You’re all invited, so please come! Email me if you need directions. Well Molly’s pestering me to go out and I have lasagna noodles burning on the stove, so that’s it for now. I’ll be back tomoroow – I promise!



  1. I was thinking about you today, wondering if you were enjoying your surprise day off. Guess it wasn’t such a surprise after all. 🙂

    I tell ya, that whole power outage thing is the kind of day off I would have performed blood sacrifices for in college. I hear classes were back on by 4, though, and I took a lot of evening classes.


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