Show and Tell

Here’s my hat. Cute, huh? I’ve already finished another one to give as a Christmas present and I’m working on yet another. My fingertips are red and sore from the needles but I can’t seem to stop knitting. I might be able to graduate to mittens or socks soon!

You can see a shot of my new painting on the home page of my website: I decided to call it “Trouble Sleeping” and I really do like the way it came out. Come to the Alumni Show opening this weekend at the Joseloff Gallery and See it in person!

And more exciting developments: I’m planning to team up with Simply June to have a holiday sale night extravaganza at my house in early December. We’re still planning it all out but I hope to have the date and time set in the next day or two. You’ll have a chance to come have a glass of wine, browse around, and buy all of your Christmas presents in one place. Purses, jewelry, hats, artwork, notecards, magnets, handmade cards, tea towels, children’s aprons, and so much more! We may even have a masseuse on hand for chair massages. I have to see if she’ll be available. I’ll let you know the specifics as soon as Karen and I figure them out. Stay tuned!

And thank you for being patient. Work has been so busy and so stressful lately. I haven’t been sleeping much, which means that the funny part of my brain isn’t exactly functioning at top form. I can barely remember how to answer the phone, let alone write, spell and punctuate correctly. Once this week is over and my brain can rest, I have many blog ideas I’ve been writing down of things I want to talk about. There will be much more regular blogging coming soon.



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