Peanutty Goodness

Say hello to Peanut. This little love-nugget belongs to our friends Paula and Karlo – but not for long! We’re stealing her. Peanut is the new little sister of our other favorite greyhound, Bentley, and she is nothing but love. If you were really this close to her, she’d turn to look at you and lean in for a snuggle. She loves to be near you, loves to be touched. She’s just too cute.

We’re watching Peanut this week while her parents are away and her big brother is hanging with another family, but we’re considering just not giving her back. She’s perfect. She gets along well with Molly, she’s mellow and sweet and lovable and I don’t want her to go away. I think that I have a secret love affair with greyhounds. I’ve always wanted to steal Bentley, too. Greyhounds are just the sweetest dogs and I think I need to get one. How about this one? We could just change our locks and ignore the doorbell when Paula and Karlo come to collect her. Yes, I think that’s a plan…


  1. Oh Lisa, that was so sweet, I’m gonna cry!!! And let’s not forget . . . I picked her out for YOU!!! But you didn’t want her, so I was forced to rescue her myself. All week Karlo kept saying, “There is NO WAY Peanut will want to come back home to us because Lisa is going to spoil the heck out of her.” I have to send the blog link to Karlo now . . . You’re the best. Thanks for loving my puppies 🙂


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