I thought I’d try something new. New and scary.

(Don’t try this at home – close-up shots of your own forehead are really rather frightening.)

After:Wow, that’s one big forehead. I’m still getting used to feeling the hair tickling my face and I think that everyne is looking at me and thinking I have 80’s hair, but I should get over that.

Thanks to all the Halloween movies on TV this weekend, I realized yesterday that I now have Gina Davis’s hair from Beetlejuice. Great.



  1. I agree, we need to see the whole thing!

    I, too, have a gigantic forehead. I’ve never thought yours was particularly large, though. Not as huge as mine! I used to have bangs all the time to cover it, then I got sick of them, so I grew them out. Now I sort of want them again … but then I remember the long, painful growing-out process and I decide to think it over some more.


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