Betty Home Crocker

Yes, Betty’s back. I had quite the weekend of cooking and crafting. Seeing as how the frost was coming and there were still veggies in my garden, I went out and picked everything and had to do something with them all before they rotted on the kitchen counter.

Between Friday and Sunday I managed to make:
-a large batch of pesto
-stuffed peppers
-pepper and sausage quiche
-clam chowder
-apple pie
-crab dip
-pasta with crab and cream sauce
-extra pastry crust to be used later on
And you know what I had for dinner on Saturday? A bowl of shredded wheat. Sad.

I also managed to craft quite a bit and I made some wall decorations (pictures to come, they’re not quite done yet) out of some recycled wall hangings I took from the trash pile at work. I stripped and refinished a chair I bought at a tag sale for $3, and I finished refinishing our old dining set so I could sell it on Craigslist. Then I started to make some curtains, the finished one is pictured above. Cute, huh? They’re for our guest bedroom.

It was quite a busy weekend. The funny thing is that I didn’t make a bit of jewelry so I feel like I didn’t get anything done!


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