On Amazing Pup

(Sorry the picture is so blurry but Sydney was so wiggly that I couldn’t get a clear picture!)

Sydney’s back home after her surgery and she’s doing amazingly well. My sister and her husband both had to work on Saturday when Sydney was set to come home post-amputation so I agreed to pick her up at the vet. Unsure of what sadness I’d see when I got there, Iwas shocked to see her bouncy and wagging her tail, happy to get out of there and completely unfazed by her new predicament. She skips around, up stairs, down stairs, from the front seat of my car to the back. She’s amazing.

She hung at our house for a while before my sister got out of work and the vet had told us to put a t-shirt on her when we got home to keep her from scratching at her incision. I found an old BMW t-shirt I had and figured that it was appropriate since we had seen a man at the BMW rally in Vermont this summer who lost his leg and went on to ride over 25,000 miles in one season. Nothing stopped him and nothing’s stopping Sydney!

Way to go Super Pup!



  1. Dogs are so amazing. I’m glad she’s doing well. She’s probably excited that she got new, free clothes out of the deal, too!


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