Proof of my Insanity

Yes, that’s knitting. As if I didn’t have enough going on. The cool weather every September seems to trigger something in my brain that makes me want to bake pies and make things. This year it caused me to think I could knit myself a hat, despite the fact that the extent of my knitting experience is making a couple of scarves. I only know the knit stitch and have never pearled. But hey, everyone has to have a dream, right? Right now my dream is to make myself a hat. Unfortunately, I was so excited to start knitting that I didn’t wind my new yarn into a ball, so now I have myself a giant knot at the end of my needles.



  1. I taught myself to purl this past winter – it’s fun, but hard to switch back and forth. I’m sticking to scarves for now, I think…

    xo – fellow Knit Wit


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