What’s Going On Here?

OK, to steal a line from South Park, have I broken a funny fuse? Either there’s something wrong with the entire movie-watching world, or Luke and I have busted fuses. Not only did we recently not enjoy The Wedding Crashers, which many people that I know liked, but last night we watched The Matador, which friends had told us was HILARIOUS, and we couldn’t stand it. What is going on?

I had half a dozen moments where I sort of “ha” laughed, more chuckled, I suppose, but “hilarious” wasn’t a word that ever came into my mind. Who directed that thing? IMDB tells me it was Richard Shepard. Luke, at one point said, “this looks like a cheap Quentin Tarantino movie”, and he was right on. The bizarre scenes for no apparent reason: Julian (Pierce Brosnan) walking through the lobby in his Speedo, heading for the pool, then dropping into the water, sunglasses on, drink in hand, where he sees – a shark? What in the world was that about. I think there are less outrageous ways to show that Julian is starting to fall apart. The giant, cheap-looking titles of: MEXICO and DENVER and BUDAPEST telling you where the scene is taking place, sort of Tarantino-ish, but cheesy. The random, unnecessary sex scenes: the sex scene with the dog chewing on Julian’s pant leg – our entire scene in BERLIN – what was the reason for that? I think I got it early on in the movie that Julian filled his non-hit man life with sex and alcohol, I don’t think it was necessary to throw random sex scenes in all through the movie to prove that point. I did like how the end wrapped up and brought you back to the earlier scene in Mexico City where something happened to cause Danny to “owe one” to Julian. I liked that. See? I do have positive things to say.

Well anyhow, you get it, something is wrong with me and Luke. We need replacement funny fuses, ours are broken.



  1. Don’t worry, that movie didn’t look very funny to me either. I’m about to watch Friends with Money (the Jennifer Aniston movie). I will let you know if it’s any good.


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