Dear Cheapskate Gas Station Owner,

Please, for the love of all that’s holy, buy some new number tags for your gas price signs! It’s bad enough that I have to pay $3.19 per gallon for your overpriced gas, but to see the sign telling me the price, pieced together with upside-down 5s and 8s cut in half – now that’s just insulting.

Are you really that cheap that you can’t take some of that billion-dollar profit of yours and invest it in some new plastic number 3s? I understand that there might have been a shortage in 3s a while back, since gas should never actually cost that much and those numbers should rarely be needed, but we’ve been in $3-land for a while now and it’s time that you adjusted. We drivers had to, now it’s your turn.

I actually drove past a station the other day that didn’t appear to own ANY 3s. The sign showing the price for unleaded read $_.2_ per gallon. Honestly. If you’re too embarrassed to put it on your sign then it shouldn’t be there in the first place. Show some respect.

A Disgusted Driver



  1. this post made me laugh and cry a little at the same time. here in ontario i’m paying about $1.07/litre on average, which seems to be about the same as you guys down there. and i live in the suburbs where public transit is just *lacking* therefore it’s pretty hard to get around the whole filling-up-my-car situation unless i just opt to never go out 😦


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