To quote what I’m sure was one of Amanda’s favorite hair bands of the 90’s, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. For me, the “it” being “hot water”.

I always thought I could live like a settler: rustic cabin, raising sheep and chickens, making cheese, churning butter. I could do that. No electricity? Sure! Even using an outhouse, I could live with that. That was until last Thursday when we ran out of oil.

We’ve been waiting for the tank to get low so we could make a few repairs to a valve that wasn’t working correctly and since we heat the house with wood, we only use the oil to heat the hot water. It takes us about a year to go through a tank of oil (we’re lucky, I know). So Thursday night, low became empty and there went the last of our hot water.

Being the unfussy settler woman that I am, I thought, “No problem. I like a cool shower.” HA! Cool doesn’t even begin to describe the water that comes from our well. Despite the heat we’ve been suffering in Connecticut the past several days, the 40-degree showers we’ve had to take were a wee bit cold for my taste. For the past few days I’ve listened to Luke suffering through a cold shower with many “woo!” and “aaaah!” noises while I heated my own bath water on the stove.

Because of the weekend and the insane cost of oil, we weren’t able to schedule a delivery until today and I was never so happy to see that oil truck coming up the driveway this morning. He’s lucky I didn’t run up and hug him. I’m so looking forward to going home tonight and taking a proper hot shower. I will never take it for granted AGAIN!

Tease yor hair up and sing it with me everyone: “you don’t know what you got, till it’s gone…”



  1. Oh Lisa, I think you should have taken advantage of Paula’s bath instead of torturing yourself. We sometimes have issues with our hot water, and nothing makes me crankier than starting off the day with a freezing cold shower. Glad you hear you’re back in business.


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