Ow, My Arm Hurts

I’m gonna need an ice pack if I pat myself on the back any more about this thing – but I just love it!

Here’s how the base for Dan and Mitzi’s birth announcement came out. Is it cute or what? I drew that! That’s the craziest thing for me to believe. I keep looking at it and admiring it and then I think, I drew that. How cool.

OK, enough about that. My big ego and I will leave now.



  1. HAHHA. I just misread the txt above the baby invitation and thought it said “I’m gonna need an ice pick”. Here me out- in my eyes the light blue square in the middle appeared to be a block of ice forcing all the sea creatures to the parameters of the invitation. So the animals need an ice pick to break the ice!!!!! I’m really proud right now. Hmm perhaps I’m thinking in a different mode considering it is 3:22 in the a.m. and I tripped up on your page trying to find out info on Himillsy Dodd. So The Cheese Monkeys, that blog was interesting- i wonder if it’s really them or just posers. Also, in the book Himillsy was with that architect so if Sorbeck and her are together now that is something. That leads me to wonder even more about ol Him and Winter. What I really was looking to find out is what she does today and if she makes any art. Thanks for the help. I’m a random person in New Orleans that just graduated from art school and read the book a few weeks ago. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt and deranged too and actually even at times hard to understand. What’s really funny is my teacher, who I had the biggest crush on, actually gave me the book. Hmmm I wonder if my teacher knew that Sorbeck and Himillsy became partners… if it’s even true?!?


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