Sea Creatures! (with measles!)

My friend Dan is about to meet his new daughter any day now and he and his wonderful wife Mitzi asked me to create the announcements for the soon-to-arrive Molly. What an honor! Yesterday I got to work creating some fun underwater animals with a tropical feel since Miss Molly will soon be arriving in the very tropical Tampa, Florida. Here’s how it all went down.

First I sketched out some rough ideas of the creatures in pencil.Then I inked them by hand with my favorite Penstix pens. (If there is a way to do this in Illustrator or Photoshop or anything – please don’t tell me – I don’t want to know. It’s bad enough that I used to win penmanship awards and now, thanks to my friend the keyboard, you can barely read my handwriting. If I learned to ink fancy lines with the computer, I’d forget why pens and pencils were ever created in the first place.)
Then I played and played in Photoshop and added color and had a little fun with the polka dots and – VOILA! Here they are. More on the announcement to come soon.


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