I Made It

I am now officially thrity years old. Thirty and a day, to be exact. Hello, my name is Lisa and I am thirty years old. See how I’ve already adjusted to it? I can just admit it to the world. Thirty I am, and quite happy, too.

Sunday, my mom and sister threw Luke and me a big b-day bash and all sorts of fantastic friends came out to celebrate. The weather was spectacular and I think everyone had a great time, epsecially Molly and Jimmy who seem to be the only ones who had their pictures taken that day. Here are a few non-pup pics that we managed to capture:

Molly got to meet Amanda’s pup, Jimmy, who is cute as could be and went swimming for the very first time, once by accident, the rest of the times were on purpose. Here’s his first doggie paddle lesson:
That’s his dad, Greg, and no, he’s not trying to hold him under, he’s just helping him along.

So the party was great, and yesterday, on my real birtday, we had a nice low-key day. There was still a lot of post-party clean up and about 700 flies to kill, but after that we sat out in the yard, enjoying the beautiful day and Luke took me for Mexican food in the topless Jeep (must be careful with the word order there). It was a great way to end the week and celebrate turning thirty.

Thank you to everyone for making Luke and me feel special and loved and old and young and very lucky to have all of you as friends and family, all at the same time!


  1. We had a blast, too! Nate was just so tired. He fell asleep as soon as we get home and didn’t get up until the morning. Much like Jimmy, I suppose.

    I definitely did a double take at your topless jeep.


  2. 30…see, it’s not so bad. You look darn good for 30 too, so that’s a plus. If you looked about 45 and you were turning 30, not good. But, we don’t have to worry about that. Thank you for inviting me, it was a lot of fun. Jay was jealous of all the frivolity.


  3. Jimmy had the best day ever! Greg and I also had fun. I love your yard and the river. I would never go anywhere if I lived there. Anyway, welcome to your 30s. It doesn’t hurt a bit.


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