Changes to Etsy

Things haven’t been moving at my Etsy shop, but I’m just convinced that I can sell my jewelry there. It seems so easy and convenient and so many other people are doing it! One woman is even selling homemade cookies for $15 a batch! How does she do it?

In an effort to make my shop clean and easy to navigate, I’ve decided to create two separate shops – one for my jewelry and one for my art. You can now visit the new and improved Jewelry by Lisa Gaumond or the new (and currently empty) Lisa’s Studio.

Jewelry by Lisa Gaumond now features new photos, new styles, and even a new “Amanda” bracelet! I still have the double bracelet to name, should I call that one the “Paula” or maybe the “Flannery”? I’ve been naming the jewelry after the person who inspired me to make it or who bought the most of that style, but I don’t make many of the double bracelets so I don’t know who to name it after…

Well, stay tuned, more lovely things will be added to Lisa’s Studio very soon and new pieces will be added to Jewelry by Lisa Gaumond as often as I can make them.



  1. ooooh I do like the new Amanda bracelet! I wonder why?!

    I will have to peruse your goods next time I see you!


  2. Ok, I’m gonna have to weigh in with my vote too 🙂 You need a Paula piece too! How about if you make the “Amanda bracelet” really small for the freakishly little wrists and call that one the “Paula.”


  3. Ooh a kids line would be cute! Do it! If you get it up and running before The Big Day, I might be interested for my little flower girl. 🙂


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