It’s very pretty. Too bad I don’t have any pictures to show you. This weekend Luke and I busted our rumps to get the studio/office back together and organized. He built my dream desk and shelves in my closet, I cleaned and painted and cleaned and organized. I still have a little nesting and decorating to do, but it’s just about finished. I love it. It’s been so long since my studio was a place I wanted to be. When we moved into our house, my studio was in the nastiest room in the house with no carpet and bad lighting and none of my old office furniture fit well in there. I didn’t feel at home in there and I ended up painting at the dining room table and making jewelry on the coffee table. Now I have a creative haven, complete with new floor, a built-in desk with room for my beads, and an organized place to stash all of my supplies. I’m in heaven. All thanks to my honey. (Here’s a piece of advice for you single girls out there – marry a handy man. Seriously. I’d be living in a dirt floor shack without Luke. I don’t know what I’d do without him in so many ways.)

So anyhow, yesterday we had the moms over to celebrate mothers day and I wasn’t able to play in my studio because I was too busy fussing over the moms so I still haven’t gotten any of the new pictures off my camera. Tomorrow – I promise. Your eyes will fall out of your head after all the fantastic things I have to show you. First there’s my beautiful studio and the rest of the floors (which are DONE!!), then there’s the new necklace design, and Molly has a new haircut.

Speaking of Molly, I just have to say that we’ve got one super-tough little pup. She may look small, but she can take a licking like you wouldn’t believe. She jumped into Luke’s truck once and slipped out, falling on her back on the concrete; she’s attempted to leap up onto the deck without using the stairs and instead ended up wedging herself into the space on the back of the stair (in other words – through the step); she once had a tree stump fall on her when she was playing where she shouldn’t have been in the river; and yesterday, she pole-vaulted herself into the ground using her little snout as a pole.

We were out in the yard and she was running around, herding imaginary sheep or whatever it is that causes her to run in giant circles at breakneck speeds with her body leaning in at a 30-degree angle, when something went terribly wrong. Maybe the rain got in her eyes, maybe the g-force knocked her out momentarily. Whatever it was, she took one fantastic header that actually left grass stain on her shoulder. She came around a bend and was about to slam headfirst into a tree stump. She managed to pull out of it, but then she tumbled and planted her little nose in the ground. He body was still going too fast to stop and she, as Luke described it, pole-vaulted herself over, slamming her body to the ground and making her skid to a stop in the grass. I missed the most dramatic portion of this show, thank goodness, and only showed up after she had popped back up wet and dirty, and was panting and shaking with excited energy, ready to keep running. I poked at her, I squeezed her muscles and moved her limbs and she seemed perfectly fine. I can’t believe it. She’s made of rubber, I swear. I hurt my back walking to my car – she body slams herself at 30MPH and she’s ready to keep running. She’s a tank.

So anyhow, tomorrow, my three faithful readers. I will have plenty to show you tomorrow!



  1. I can’t wait to see your new office! My office is currently a jumble of boxes and junk, but I’m itching to get it organized for me to actually use.

    Give Molly a pat for me! She’s got a guardian angel on her shoulder, that’s for sure.


  2. What a crazy pup!

    I am looking forward to your pictures. Maybe it will inspire me to do some home repair of my own.


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