The New Christy Line of Jewelry

Exciting news! I have a new jewelry offreing that I think you’ll love – the two-strand necklace (AKA “The Christy”).

My friend Christy is getting married this June and asked me to make her wedding party some personalized necklaces but she asked if I would make them two-stranded instead of three. Well, I made them, and by golly, I love them!

Just as much casual fun as the three-strand, but a bit more delicate and $10 cheaper! What more could a girl ask for. I don’t have a large quantity of them at the moment, and there still aren’t jewelry pictures on the website (I know – let’s all make a collective “tsk” sound) but feel free to email me with your special orders anytime.

The new Christy is $20 and the earrings are still $10. I even made one for myself and I’m wearing it now as I type.

Sorry for the funky pictures – I took them on the lovely beige counter top in my kitchen.

And thanks Chrsity for the inspiration!

One Comment

  1. Christy showed me hers, and I think I want 2 strands too! Which reminds me, I have to get moving on paying you for those, so you can get started. This damn wedding will be here before I know it …


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