Show and Tell

Here’s a collection of random things that I wanted to show you.

First off, here’s another sketch for Flannery and Nate’s wedding save-the-date postcard. Adorable, huh? If F & N like it, I’ll make it final and put paint to paper. If not, I’ll start on a new sketch. Either way, I’ll show you when I’m finished.

Next, here’s something new I’ve been playing with. Aren’t these cute? Cherry earrings. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought these were great. I wore them to my sister’s and was just waiting for her to compliment me on them. I nearly burst from the waiting and finally I said “did you see my earrings??” She said “oh yeah. Cherries right?” Hmm. Not the reaction I had hoped for. What do you think? I love them.

And here, long overdue, is the final shot of the chickadee painting I created for this year’s Christmas thank-you cards. I completely forgot to post a picture when I finished it. So here it is. I really like the way it came out, despite the not-perfect wavy lines in the background, I really do like it. Maybe I’m becoming less of a perfectionist in my old age.

So there you are, I hope you liked them. Have a good weekend!

One Comment

  1. Lisa, the sketch is adorable! I love it.

    I had so much fun last night, thanks for having us! Your house is beautiful. I was telling Nate about it and he was sorry he didn’t come in.


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