My iPod Needs Meds.

Under the heading of the gadgets I love most, the top spot would have to belong to my new iPod. We’ve only known each other for a little over a month now, but I’m in love. My wonderful husband finally succumbed to my constant whining and not-so-subtle hints that I wanted an iPod, and surprised me with one for Christmas. I say “surprised” because I thought he’d been tuning me out this whole time. Turns out he really listens!

I wanted an iPod because I absolutely must be listening to music at all times. I must. If I could have a chip implanted in my head that would play music constantly, I would be a happy girl. It drives me crazy to be anywhere that is entirely quiet. When visiting people, I’m not too shy to say, hey, let’s listen to some music. It’s like air. And gum. I need music all the time.

I also have an embarrassingly W-I-D-E taste in music which makes having an iPod a good thing. Now I can keep the weird stuff to myself. I can listen to French reggae or SKA or rap or classical guitar or 80’s power ballads and no one knows what’s coming out of those earbuds. Unfortunately, I think this variety has confused my iPod. Putting it on shuffle is like unleashing an attack of manic depression.

This morning, driving in to work, it went from Jack Johnson to Jimmy Buffett to Rage Against the Machine to Josh Groban (remember, I said EMBARASSINGLY wide…) to Ra to Teitur to G. Love to John Mayer to Faster Pussycat. Yikes!

Some days I think it reads my mind.

One day, driving in to work and feeling melancholy, all it played were sad, slow songs. Another day I was really pissed off as I was leaving in my car and it played a block of Disturbed and Rage Against the Machine. Some days it has a crush on Jack Johnson and plays nothing but his songs, but really, who can blame it.

So, yes, I’m in love. This iPod is awesome. I resisted getting one for so long because I hate to follow trends, but heck, if the trends are all this good, sign me up for the next one. Unless it’s legwarmers. In that case, never mind.


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