Flannery and Nate, Lisa-style.

A friend of mine, Flannery, (who also has a very funny and smart blog of her own here) asked me to draw her and her husband-to-be, Nate for a save-the-date card for their wedding this September. Here’s what I think they look like:

And here’s what they really look like: Flannery and Nate. Am I close?

I’m sorry, I really need to get a new scanner. It’s a real drag having to tote everything into work to scan (which I’ll have to do tomorrow since, as you can see, I need to enlarge the size of Flannery and redraw her – she looks like a Hobbit next to Nate) and this photo-of-a-drawing thing sucks, too. The angle is all weird and, well, I just really miss having a scanner around.

Stay tuned for more progress on the save-the-date drawing…


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