Well here she is. Her Highness survived her haircut and now she’s soft as velvet and needs to wear her Old Navy parka to go outside.

I’m still bummed that I lost my post to the goblins of the Internet and I really don’t feel like retyping the whole thing (it was long, I swear, and funny, too, you would have loved it) so here’s the short version:

She was a puppy, she got scruffy (see Tina Turner photo below), we took her to the groomer, I cried (see photo of sassy bald dog below). We tried to cut her hair at home (there were funny references to baboons with bald butts…) and then we found Doggie Designs which we love and now Miss Priss gets her hair cut every eight weeks.

Wow, it really was more interesting than it sounds. Sorry you missed it!


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